How to choose the terminal block

When the terminal is purchased, the first thing to do is to look at the appearance. Good terminals should have good workmanship first, and visual inspection will not pass basically without wasting time and then conduct electrical tests. In view of this, what kind of connection terminal is considered to be a good workmanship, on this issue, the industry generally believes that the plastic parts of qualified terminals should not be deformed as a whole, the surface is relatively smooth, no scratches, corners There will be no glitches, and its wall thickness must be uniform.

When you make optional terminals, you must also look at the material later. In terms of the first point, it is necessary to pay attention to plastic parts. It is inevitable that they will have relatively good flame retardance, that is, UL94V-0 flame retardance. The simple test method is to specify that the fire is lit and the plastic parts leave. The extinguishing of the open flame means that this terminal has a better flame retardant performance.

When carrying out the optional terminal block, it must also pay attention to its insertion and extraction forces. More importantly, the degree of fit between the plug and the needle holder is relatively high, and there is no phenomenon such as too high or low insertion force.

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